The menstrual cycle, menopause and urinary tract dysfunction in women may be strongly related to hormonal changes and daily nutritional needs that women do not get properly from daily meals, making them vulnerable to depression, weight gain and many other health problems. As the woman during that stage feels severe depression, boredom and lethargy in movement, it helps in revitalizing the body and its movement, and Phyto Liz is characterized by containing many important elements for the human body such as iron, magnesium and phosphorous, these minerals are of great importance that provide the human being and benefit him a lot.

Vitolize women is one of the successful products that have won the admiration of many women for its wonderful health results, as the product consists of 100% natural elements from natural fruits, such as berries, natural herbs and some other fruits that contain useful vitamins. This product is one of the most prominent products for women and of great importance .


-Helps to regularize the menstrual cycle.

-Helps regulate the body’s hormones.

-Helps get rid of infections and unpleasant odors.

-Helps relieve menstrual fatigue.

-Very important for blood vessels.

-It helps in strengthening the heart muscle.

-Helps stimulate and stimulate the body and get rid of excess body inactivity.


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