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Infinite by Forever is an innovative skincare range that combines Aloe vera with a concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients and unique textures to create an anti-aging routine with exceptional results. This new routine combines 3 cosmetic care products with a food supplement for a synergistic action in the service of the beauty and the youthfulness of your skin.

Start your routine with the Hydrating Make-up Remover, which cleanses and hydrates the skin in a single step. It leaves the skin clean, soft and silky.

Follow up with the Firming Serum: a true elixir of youth, it fights the signs of aging by intensifying the power of Aloe vera. Take 2 tablets per day of the Firming Complex which fights from the inside against the visible signs of aging.

And finally, apply the Repairing Cream, a concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients that has a dual moisturizing and restorative action and thus fights against the visible signs of aging



– Moisturizing make-up remover

– Firming Serum

– Firming Complex

– Restorative cream



Do you want to preserve the youth of your skin?



The Infinite range is specifically designed from the age of 30, its anti-aging triple action formula gives your skin youth and purification.



Hydrating Make-up Remover (118 ml): Use morning and evening to cleanse face and neck /

Firming Serum (30 ml): Apply morning and evening to the face and neck previously cleansed /

Firming Complex (60 tablets): Take 2 tablets in the morning / Repairing Cream (48.2 g): Use morning and evening after application of the firming serum. …


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