To keep a healthy diet, this tasty and nutritive drink, rich in proteins brings to a light meal the vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates the body needs.

Forever Lite Ultra is a naturally flavored vegan protein available in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate. An easy-to-cook shake for breakfast and dinner to fully provide you with the daily recommended proportions of 18 vitamins and minerals. Forever Lite Ultra is an easy-to-prepare meal that contains few carbohydrates and can be eaten as a meal replacement thanks to its Aminotene (patented enzyme system). With 17 grams of protein, this delicious shake is the perfect addition to your diet and lifestyle.


-It gives the body a low-carb lifestyle.

-It is an important part of a weight loss and slimming diet.

-Serving contains 17 grams of protein per serving.

-It is a great source of vitamins and nutrition beneficial in improving your metabolism.

-Contributes to increasing the proportion of muscle mass in the body and strengthens it.


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