This dental gel Fluoride free and non-abrasive invigorates the brightness of your teeth. Its Chlorophyll and menthol free complex leaves you mouth with a natural fresh sensation. Its propolis and aloe based formula preserves your oral hygiene.

Aloe vera is highly valued due to its high quality and versatility, including the possibility of using it with teeth. With Forever Brightening Tooth Gel your teeth will shine, how not and it is one of the best types of tooth gels on the market. Containing the finest ingredients, Forever Bright is specially formulated for the whole family. It is also suitable for vegetarians as it is free from any animal products. The product gives the mouth hygiene and freshness.

After years of research, development and cooperation with researchers and dentists, Forever Living has been able to reach the optimal combination of aloe that can effectively clean. Your family will enjoy great flavor while keeping their teeth clean.


-Fluoride free.

-Provides a refreshing feeling to the mouth.

-Help in cleaning the teeth and mouth.

-It has the flavor and aroma of natural mint.

-It contains an advanced formula that is suitable for use by all individuals.


The site disclaims responsibility for using Forever Fiber incorrectly or not following the attached method of use.

The site also confirms that it is not responsible for purchasing any Forever Living products from outside the site, as they may be fraudulent and unhealthy.


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