Forever Active Probiotic is enclosed in a unique package that prevents moisture from reaching and protects the active bacteria chains to ensure that your body gets the maximum benefit from the health of your digestive system and strengthens it to perform its functions naturally digestion process and does not cause stomach problems. The most common health problems we face are stomach problems, due to eating fast foods or unhealthy foods, which cause weak immunity to the digestive system and the occurrence of many problems, so Forever has provided you with the Forever Active Pro B product to help you solve stomach and digestive problems.

Forever Active Probiotic Modified contains 6 billion units of clinically-tested immune-supporting probiotics in a patented, balanced blend of six probiotics to support healthy digestion, improve nutrient absorption, and support the body’s immune function. We carefully selected these vital chains and specially designed them due to their ability to reach the intestines.


-Free from soy and allergens.

-It strengthens and protects the digestive system.

-Kills microbes.

-Active Pro from Forever is one of the effective medicines that promote and strengthen the health of the digestive system.

-Facilitates digestion.

-The body easily gets rid of the accumulated waste in the stomach and intestines.

-Helps get rid of harmful proteins in the body that cause an increase in the body, gout, kidney stones and cholesterol.

-It helps to get rid of harmful bacteria that may multiply and multiply inside the stomach.

-Helps maintain key nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants.

-It helps get rid of stomach acids, which naturally transport food to the gut.


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